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You’ve invested time college homework helper and money in choosing trump book report and deciding on your IBM equipment, whether that’s servers, desktop computers, laptops or a combination. Therefore, it makes sense to cover that kit and your business with a quality warranty, service or maintenance product from Europlus Direct.

You can protect your business by extending the current warranty on a newly bought IBM machine with our In-warranty upgrade. Or, if you have older IBM equipment or you’re looking for more robust predictive maintenance and repair support, you might need our IBM ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract, which can also cover non-IBM kit.

Need IBM software support? Find out more.

Using machines from different manufacturers? Then our IBM Multi-Manufacturer Services could be the option for you.

Whatever your reasons for protecting your IBM equipment and of course, your commercial interests, Europlus Direct can help. Not sure what your exact IBM needs are? We are more than happy to help, so why not contact us today.

Your IBM Maintenance Options

When it comes to IBM equipment, EPD Asia Pacific caters for a wide range of needs and budgets by offering a choice of pre-packaged services, available in a variety of configurations and priced as a single one-off charge.

If you need continued support after the original ServicePac ends or EPD’s IBM ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract could be the best option for you.


Want to know more? Read our FAQs on covering your IBM hardware.

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You can choose to extend your IBM warranty to a 3, 4 or 5 year upgrade to your original base warranty.

An In-warranty upgrade or extension from EPD Asia Pacific

With EPD Asia Pacific, you can upgrade or extend the warranty of your new IBM hardware, anytime within 12 months of purchasing your equipment. Our pre-packaged, part-numbered services are easy to use and affordable, and each pre-packaged offering comes complete with a well defined scope of services, including service hours, response times, and service level agreement terms and conditions.


ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract

Enhanced technical support for IBM hardware and software with options to cover non-IBM kit

EPD Asia Pacific’s IBM ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract can be used to enhance your current IBM service plan by offering:

  • machine repair
  • preventative and predictive maintenance
  • error analysis and remote support
  • problem and engineering change management and system defect voice support

It can also be used on older IBM kit or even equipment not manufactured by IBM.

Why take out a Maintenance Contract today?

An IBM ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract from EPD Asia Pacific is:

  • easy to buy and maintain
  • one simple contract between you and IBM
  • straightforward with annual prepaid invoicing
  • delivered with a renewal reminder
  • delivered with the option to buy a Committed Fix – where engineers are guaranteed to answer call-outs within 4 hours

The IBM ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract could be the ideal option if you:

  • have older hardware
  • own hardware not supported by the ServicePac
  • run high-end servers
  • have multiple hardware systems
  • maintain a custom-built system
  • require a customised level of service

IBM Software Services

Remote support keeps software performing

Don’t let software problems let your business down. With a Software Services Upgrade or Software Services Post Warranty, you’ll get remote technical support, which means there’s a virtual IT expert by your side whenever you need one.

Keep your software and your business running smoothly with problem determination, problem resolution, performance and capacity management, preventative care and much more.

Software support features

  • Remote technical support for System x and BladeCentre (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for MS Windows or Linux on System x (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for VMware (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for Linux

Want to know more about Europlus Direct’s IBM Software support? Read our FAQs.

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Multi-Manufacturer Services

As well as an enviable reputation for being a world leader in providing first class, mission critical technical support, IBM also understands many companies would benefit from outstanding support, even if you are running non-IBM branded equipment.

So if your IT system includes a combination of hardware and software platforms from various brands or manufacturers, why suffer the hassle of managing multiple service contracts or the cost of retaining a high level of in-house technical expertise or managing outsourced servicing to a large and varied list of suppliers, when EPD Asia Pacific has a simple solution?

We provide the one point of contact for that support, which makes life easier for you with our Multi-Manufacturer Maintenance service. And with it, you’ll find the same level of service and maintenance you’d expect from our ServicePac or ServiceSuite options together with the accountability and reliability your business needs.

With a range of response options and an easy registration process, it’s a simple, one-plan way of protecting your whole IT System that includes:

  • One maintenance service provider for IBM and non-IBM hardware & software
  • Single point of contact and one contract
  • Global agreement, local delivery
  • Local AND global reporting and accountability
  • 5 day or 7 day business hours support or 24/7 support
  • Bespoke service level agreements
  • Maintenance services
  • On-site repair
  • Remote support
  • Proven IBM experience, structures & capabilities

To find the best IBM Multi-Manufacturer Services option for you, contact us today.

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